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Providing us with an excellent service

All West building Approvals have been providing us with excellent service in processing our building assessments in a thorough and timely manner. Their advice with assisting in the drawings and documentation of new commercial and industrial projects has been invaluable, ensuring we have all the BCA requirements covered for easier processing of the building permit application.
Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor
H&M Tracey


Construction Stage


  • construction stageInspect works as documented on building permit and staged inspections throughout building process as agreed with builder and certifier.
  • Inspect works on completion to enable a Certificate of Construction Compliance to be issued.
  • Provide list of documentation/certification required from Contractors, Consultants to enable the Certificate of Construction Compliance to be issued.
  • Collate all certification documentation ready for builder to submit Application to Permit Authority for Occupancy Permit.


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