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Valuable professional advice

Allwest Building approvals provide a fast, economic certficiation service and valuable professional advice providing great benefits to our architectural practice. Their knowledge and experience in building, standards and codes provides us with the successful, compliant building solutions and peace of mind we require.
Stuart Luff
Stuart Luff
D'Agostino Luff Architects

What are certified applications?

The Building Act introduced certified applications for all building permits. This is a process where a registered building surveyor checks the plans and specifications of a proposed or an existing building. The building surveyor will complete and sign a certificate of compliance confirming the proposed or existing building complies with the applicable building standards. An application can then be made to the relevant permit authority. This process is much quicker and more effective.

How do I ask for a quote?

You can organise a quote simply by contacting our offices by phone, email or click on the contact tab on our website.

How long does it take for AllWest Building Approvals to process my application?

Our approval timeframe is between 5 to 10 days depending on the information provided and compliance with other authorities requirements.

How do I get my unauthorised building approved?

A building approval certificate is used to retrospectively approve any building work completed without a building permit being issued. An initial inspection of the structure/building is required, then advise can be given on the applicable documentation to achieve compliance. We will guide you through the process.

What information do I need to provide for a standard dwelling application?
  • Housing Indemnity Insurance Certificate (only required for registered builder on submission to Local Authority)
  • Engineers soil report
  • Engineers documentation: including but not limited to Engineering certificate identifying design criteria, footing and slab details, floor layout plan, roof layout plan, structural steel, manufacturers roof truss layout plan and tie down details
  • Energy efficiency documentation from accredited energy assessor
  • Lighting Calculator
  • Ceiling penetration calculations
  • Working drawings: site plan showing setbacks, FFL, contours or spot levels Nth point, floor plan, elevations, electrical and sections through
  • Standard specifications for the type of construction (All West can supply)
  • Termite control details
  • Bushfire BAL report and specifications (if applicable)
  • Storm water disposal details
  • Balustrade specifications (if applicable)
  • Stair specifications (if applicable)
  • Effluent disposal system approval (if not on sewer)
  • Water tank specifications from manufacturer
  • Town Planning approval (if applicable)
  • Heritage approval (if applicable)
  • Consent from neighbouring lots if land affected from proposed construction (this would be worked out in initial assessment)